The HHRC is pleased to present our annual

Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Day of Remembrance program.

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Michael Klahr Center

Refreshments Provided – Donations Gratefully Accepted

Directed by: Joël Santoni, 2009.
Screenplay, adaptation and dialogue: José-Alain Fralon, Jean-Carol Larrive and Joël Santoni, based on an original idea by Martine Chicot.
With: Bernard Le Coq (Aristides de Sousa Mendes / Cesar de Sousa Mendes), Roger Sousa (Seabra), Nanou Garcia (Angelina de Sousa Mendes), Frédéric Quiring (Rabbi Kruger), Emilie-Scarlett Moget (Andrée Cibial), Lionel Lingelser (Pedro Nuno de Sousa Mendes), Paolo Matos (Salazar) and Frédéric Kneip (Pesao).

Rabbi Chaim Kruger and Sousa Mendes

Aristides de Sousa Mendes do Amaral e Abranches was one of the great heroes of the Second World War. As the Portuguese consul stationed in Bordeaux, France, he found himself confronted in June of 1940 with the reality of many thousands of refugees outside the Portuguese consulate attempting to escape the Nazis. Though Portugal was officially neutral as a nation, Portuguese diplomats were told to deny safe haven to refugees, including Jews, Russians, and stateless individuals who could not return to their countries of origin. Sousa Mendes defied that order and issued thousands of visas over a 12-day period. “I would rather stand with God against Man than with Man against God,” he declared.

The program will also include a Q & A with Mona Pearl Treyball, the daughter of Sousa Mendes visa recipient, Sara Tanne.

For more information about Disobedience and Sousa Mendes, visit the Sousa Mendes Foundation.

This program is also part of our exhibit Heroism in Unjust Times: Rescuers During the Holocaust – on display from April 24th through August 11th, 2017.