Coming to the Klahr on Sunday, February 28th at 2 p.m.

YO MISS info Judith Sloan

A one woman show with music where human rights meets hip hop meets the power of women and girls!

Fusing the art of theatre, radio, poetry, and music, Judith Sloan’s YO MISS! is a sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always truth-telling show about immigrant/refugee teenagers and incarcerated youth grappling with the cataclysmic events that shaped them.

Using midi-controllers and an original musical score to accompany her compelling performance, Judith Sloan remixes her own traumatic experiences with those of her students and transforms into a multitude of characters ages 14 to 80 years young.

She learns from her students as they learn from her about finding resilience and humanity in each other’s stories.

Sloan looks at the ripple effects of the Holocaust on her family and how that interconnects with refugees today.

What the press says about Sloan’s earlier work:

“In listening to what people have to say, Judith Sloan captures the essence of their lives…She is one part Studs Terkel, one part Lily Tomlin, two-parts originality.” ~ The Herald Bloomington, Indiana

“This is an art you can trust to tell the truth in vivid detail, and Sloan renews the original mission of radio and writing in the process. These are wonderful sound pieces.” ~ Andrei Codrescu, poet, novelist, NPR Commentator

“This is immersive, resonant theater. Communication, cultural destabilization, history and commonality, are dramatized, raising questions, offering response. [Sloan] is an audacious artist.” ~ Woman Around Town