Winter 2011 Augusta

Winter 2011 Augusta Digging in the Ruins of History: Memory & the Nazi Holocaust

Does memory preserve or transform the past it recalls? The more time separates us from the cataclysmic events of the Holocaust, the greater will be the role of historical memory. Comparing the accounts of victims and survivors, criminals and bystanders, rescuers and nations, how has our view of the Holocaust been shaped and reshaped by over six decades of memory?

From February through May 2011, Series 360º will examine the complex uses of memory in Holocaust art and memorials, eyewitness testimonies, and captured Nazi documents. Scholars  Robert Bernheim, Vadim Altskan, Batya Brutin, and Lawrence Langer will deliver the series of Wednesday night lectures, with public screenings of The Nasty Girl (Das Schrechliche Mädchen), Music Box, and Walk on Water. Opening the dialogue to all comers, integrated community roundtables will confront three hard questions:

Are Some Sins Unforgivable?
Is Memory Evidence?
From Tombstones to Anti-Monuments: How Do Memorials Create Memory?