Planned Giving

Thinking AheadConsider Planned Giving

In a recession budgets dwindle and guarantees are rare. For non-profit providers like HHRC, financial stability is harder than ever to achieve.

Planned giving offers you a safe way to help ensure our future by sustaining your support long after your lifetime. Deferred gifts can be revocable, such as a bequest in a will, or irrevocable, which offers you a tax deduction now but allows you to hold your asset and enjoy its benefits until some future time.

Possibilities include:

  • Bequest In A Will

    Your donation is exempt from federal estate tax, and you maintain control of your asset for your lifetime.

  • Revocable Living Trust

    Name HHRC the beneficiary of assets in a living trust. You maintain control of your asset for your lifetime, and the gift in trust is exempt from federal estate tax.

  • Outright Gift of Securities

    Donate stock or securities to HHRC. Receive a charitable deduction now at full market value and avoid capital gains tax.

  • Gift of Life Insurance

    Contribute a life insurance policy you may no longer need. Receive an income tax deduction now and the possibility of future deductions through gifts to pay the policy’s premiums.

  • Gift of Retirement Assets

    Name HHRC the beneficiary of remaining assets after your lifetime. Gifting highly taxed assets leaves more for your family – and helps you avoid income and estate taxes.

  • Charitable Trusts

    Charitable trusts can lower your income taxes, increase your income, and reduce your taxable estate. Planned giving means thinking ahead – a win for both donor and community. Contact us to explore which plan best serves your needs.