Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops Teaching Students to Teach (and think for) Themselves

It is not enough for a teacher to say, ‘I taught it – but the students didn’t learn it.’ That is akin to saying the operation was a success but the patient died. The stakes are huge, and the time to cling to the status quo has passed.

– Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, 2009

How do we as teachers demonstrate the relevance of human rights in history to character education in the classroom? Or on the playground?

To those old enough to remember the Holocaust, the importance of learning the catastrophic history of human rights remains undeniable and urgent. But what about those who do not remember? Or who prefer to keep their distance? How do we reach students still too young to care about the past? Or wrestle with hard lessons of history that we ourselves still struggle to learn?

In the conviction that, like interested students, the best teachers teach what they themselves want most to learn, HHRC actively supports the professional development of Maine educators through an ongoing program of progressive workshops.


HHRC Workshops