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Behind Enemy Lines

Marthe Cohn, was born in Metz, France in 1920. She was a beautiful, young woman living across the German border in France, when Hitler rose to power. As the Nazi occupation escalated, Marthe’s sister was sent to Auschwitz while her family fled to the South of France.

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Teacher Seminar: Slavery in Maine

For the first time the HHRC will present a program focusing on the facts, the effects, and legacy of slavery in Maine. Many people think that slavery is the “peculiar southern tradition” of the pre-Emancipation Proclamation days, but they are wrong. Slavery existed in Maine since the time of the first white settlers, and the profits from slavery helped to build several coastal communities.

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(FULL) Teaching Tolerance (Day 1): Social Justice Teaching 101 (For all K-12 Teachers)

For the first time, the HHRC is proud to present workshops led by facilitators from Teaching Tolerance, the educational arm of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Participants will explore practical strategies for accomplishing academic and social-emotional goals side by side. They will discuss learning conditions that honor all identities and reflect diversity, equity and justice.

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