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Study Tours Washington, New York, Germany, Poland

Nothing, no book, no film, no documentary, can prepare you for what you see here. These memories never leave you.

– Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Auschwitz-Birkenau, 2009

HHRC Study Tour

HHRC Study Tour at Majdanek Concentration Camp near Lublin, Poland, 2008

To make history relevant and tangible to your students, it must become tangible to you.

Every other February during Winter break, HHRC leads a week-long field trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. In alternate years, during Spring vacation,  the tour destination is the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Anne Frank Center in New York City.

Following Seminar 360º, HHRC will guide educators and graduate students on an extraordinary ten-day study tour of Holocaust sites in Germany and Poland.

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