Malaga Seminar Resources

Resources from the Teaching Malaga Island Story in the Classroom

July 11th and 12th, 2018

Seminar Agenda
Notes from the White Board

General Resources
Death of Laura Tripp article
Gloria Harrison Interview
Malaga State Pauper Records – 1907
Executive Council Report – 1911
Bill Nemitz – Malaga 98 years later
Malaga Article – Sun Journal, 1911
Malaga Article – Sun Journal, 1912
Links to videos – CSPN, Boston Channel 5 Chronicles
Burke Long’s Children of Malaga exhibit

Kate McBrien, Maine Historical Society
Maine Historical Society Website

Patricia Q. Wall, Author
Lives of Consequence: Blacks in Early Kittery and Berwick in the Massachusetts Province of Maine Available on Amazon

Kate McMahon, Smithsonian Institution
Master’s Thesis on Peterborough


Kathleen Neumann, Maine Historical Society
Family History in the Classroom
Family History for Non-Traditional Families
Helping Students Get into History
History Close to Home
Local History: Exploring What’s Just Outside Your Door
Maine Memory Network
Resources for Teaching Local History
Toolkit for Doing History in Buncombe County
Doing History in Buncombe County

Joanna Turow, Maine State Museum
Maine State Museum Website
Malaga Island Exhibit Link