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Death and Love in the Holocaust: The Story of Sonja and Kurt Messerschmidt

by Steve Hochstadt

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$18.00 plus tax


ISBN: 9780988624412

Against All Odds: A Miracle of Holocaust Survival‚Äč

by Edith Lucas Pagelson

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$17.95 plus tax


Produced by Maine Authors Publishing

ISBN: 9781936447282

My Life My Way: The Extraordinary Memoir of a Jewish Partisan in WWII Poland

by Eta Wrobel, with Jeanette Friedman

$20 plus tax


Published by The Wordsmithy, in cooperation with YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

ISBN: 9780974885728

Life Class: Poetry

by Ruth D. Bookey

$10 plus tax


Published by Moon Pie Press

ISBN: 9780979069477

Seed of Sarah: Memoirs of a Survivor

by Judith Magyar Isaacson

$18 plus tax


Published by University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252062193

Surviving the Third Reich

by Emil Landau, as told to David S. Swanson

$18 plus tax


Published by Skidompha Press

ISBN: 9780615819082