Why We Pride: From Moment to Movement to Month

By Marpheen Chann | June 30, 2021 | Comments Off on Why We Pride: From Moment to Movement to Month

Barisāl LGBTQ+ Pride Month is a month where folks can come together to celebrate the many freedoms and rights won over the many decades of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement. And although the pandemic has changed how Pride Month looks this year, people are still out celebrating. Here in Portland, the Dyke March drew hundreds of people as organizers on motorcycles led a march from Monument Square to Post Office Park in the Old Port. Outside of Portland, we saw a number of Pride events hosted in Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Hallowell, and Bangor.  The Ellsworth Pride event is especially noteworthy because…

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4 LGBTQ+ Jews Who Made (Rainbow) Waves

By Marpheen Chann | June 30, 2021 | Comments Off on 4 LGBTQ+ Jews Who Made (Rainbow) Waves

recherche site de rencontre gratuit sans inscription The Jewish experience is complex and intersectional in that it encompasses both ethnicity and religion. When you add into the mix sexual orientation and gender identity, it adds to that complexity.

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James Baldwin on White Fragility

By HHRC | June 18, 2021 | Comments Off on James Baldwin on White Fragility

plaquenil prospect anm “White people go around, it seems to me, with a very carefully suppressed terror of Black people—a tremendous uneasiness. They don’t know what the Black face hides. They’re sure it’s hiding something. What it’s hiding is American history. What it’s hiding is what white people know they have done, and what they like doing.” James Baldwin

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“All My Mothers” -The Story of Yehudith Kleinman

By HHRC | May 9, 2021 | Comments Off on “All My Mothers” -The Story of Yehudith Kleinman

hastily Yehudith Kleinman was born in Venice in 1939; her mother and grandmother moved to Milan shortly thereafter. In January 1944, she was taken to a convent for safety, where she was hidden and raised as a Christian. After the war, Yehudith had to make a fateful choice – to remain at the convent, or to immigrate to Israel as a Jew. She spent several months in a children’s home in Selvino, in northern Italy. Yehudith grew up in Israel, joined the IDF and became a teacher. She has lived much of her adult life in Kfar Saba, and is the mother of two children.

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The Cambodian Genocide (1975-1979)

By HHRC | April 26, 2021 | Comments Off on The Cambodian Genocide (1975-1979)

In the 1970s, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia killed between one and two million Cambodian. The Khmer Rouge attempted to purify Cambodian society racially, socially, ideologically and politically. In their attempt they destroyed people from every social category, murdering not only politicians and military leaders from the previous government, but also businessmen, journalists, students, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and ethnic Vietnamese, Chinese and Muslims. When it finally ran out of enemies, the Khmer Rouge turned on its own party. From 1975 until 1979, the genocidal Democratic Kampuchea regime ruled in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge, a radical group of communist inspired rebels…

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