On This Day: Maine Newspapers React to Kristallnacht, Violent Nazi Anti-Jewish Campaign

By Erica Nadelhaft | November 10, 2020

asian dating moms in san jose ca Kristallnacht was not hidden. In the days that followed the November 9th violence against the Jews of Germany, newspapers around the world reported on and responded to what had happened.…

Racism is Not a Partisan Issue

By Facing History | November 10, 2020

austin dating for men Posted by Charles Thomas Lai FitzGibbon on October 30, 2020 on Facing History and Ourselves During this election season, educators are navigating conversations with their students about politics, race, and racism in…

Teaching the 2020 Election: What Will You Do on Wednesday?

By HHRC | November 3, 2020

As Election Day approaches, educators should prepare to support students no matter the result.

The Black Lives Matter Movement Goes Beyond Black and White

By Teaching Tolerance | October 30, 2020

BY SARAH SAID, published October 15, 2020 on Teaching Tolerance I am not Black; I am a Middle Eastern Muslim woman who wears hijab. Although Middle Eastern Muslims face bias…

How the Nazis persecuted LGBTQ people

By Erica Nadelhaft | October 28, 2020

Homosexual prisoners wore a pink triangle on their uniforms. If a prisoner was both homosexual and Jewish, a pink inverted triangle would be superimposed over a regular yellow one. This system allowed camp guards and other prisoners to instantly identify where an inmate came from and what type of prisoner he was.

What Anti-racism Really Means for Educators

By Teaching Tolerance | October 16, 2020

As anti-racism becomes a popular goal for schools across the nation, this TT advisory board member considers what it really means to be an anti-racist educator.

HHRC Artifact: Unknown Man, Homosexual

By HHRC | October 15, 2020

23375: Unknown Man, Homosexual. Between 5,000 and 15,000 homosexuals were sent to concentration camps during the Holocaust, and thousands were murdered. From the Dennis Ring Collection donated to the HHRC

This Conversation Is Anti-Racist

By Teaching Tolerance | October 2, 2020

Young people have the vision to imagine—and create—a world without racism. Adults just need to get on board.

The Weaponization of Whiteness in Schools

By Teaching Tolerance | September 25, 2020

White supremacist or anti-Black attitudes don’t belong to only one ideology, one political party or one particular geographical location. These attitudes exist across different regions, socio-economic classes, income levels, education groups and political affiliations. Since both anti-Blackness and white supremacy are baked into our country’s foundation, they often play out in our daily lives.

READ: Teenage Ruth Bader Ginsburg Essay on the Holocaust

By HHRC | September 22, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsberg z”l was tireless and relentless in her pursuit of social justice. She was articulate, determined, intelligent, steadfast and humble. If she had her moments of doubt or fear as she fought her battles – our battles – we did not see them.