Annual Meeting 2017

Join us for our 29th annual meeting!

The HHRC’s 29th Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 from 12 – 3 p.m.

The annual meeting will be held at: 

The Woodlands Club, 39 Woods Road, Falmouth

Reza Jalali speaking at the 2014 Summer Seminar

In addition to a luncheon, the event will include the event will include the presentation of the HHRC’s annual student and community member awards, programs and special events.

The HHRC will also be recognizing Holocaust survivor Edith Pagelson, who has shared her testimony with thousands of Maine students, and Reza Jalali, a human rights and refugee activist who has authored several books and plays, and is on the faculty at the University of Southern Maine.

The event also will include the awarding of the Lawrence Alan Spiegel Remembrance Scholarship, the Mathilda Schlossberger Outstanding High School Student of the Year, the Mathilda Schlossberger Outstanding Middle School Student of the Year.

The HHRC will also present the 2017 Gerda Haas Award for Excellence in Human Rights Education and Leadership.

This event has been made possible with the generous support of Sustainer Sponsor Judy & Leonard Lauder, and Supporter Sponsors Michael L. Schuman, M.D. and Dhara (Patricia) Williams, and Steven Adelsberg.

Tickets are $40 per guest, or $375 for a table of ten.

Tickets may be purchased online or by calling 207-621-3530.